Company Profile

MIL UK was founded in 2009 in order to capitalize on its vision of capital growth in the residential property market, alongside the prospect of strong expected returns in the London rental market. The driving force behind the company is Group Chairman, Dr Aristophanes Christodoulou who has been an experienced business leader, with a unique combination of medical training, healthcare management experience and entrepreneurial flair. Excellent track record in both the private medical and NHS sectors, having established and operated successfully a number of business initiatives supplying Healthcare services to the private sector and the NHS for over twenty years.

Dr Christodoulou is commercially focused, strategic and visionary thinker whilst action and results oriented. Able to operate at strategic and operational management levels he is a creative and inspirational leader and excellent team player. His enthusiastic and dynamic personality, self motivation and excellent communicator at all levels helped to build and manage relationships between business stakeholders and Medical/Healthcare professionals. He shows outstanding ability to lead and deliver business change from idea stage to implementation and operational management. He brought his business acumen and flair to the construction and development market at which he has so far achieved astounding success and continued growth.